• 5050by2020 is an intersectional power movement in arts and entertainment.

  • We want the leadership in our industry to reflect the diversity of America because they decide what movies and television we watch.

  • White men make up about 1/3 of the U.S. population but they are 96% of the film directors.

  • Intersectional power is activated when those with more power and privilege stand for those with less. White people for people of color, cis people for trans people, abled people for disabled.

  • Toxic masculinity is destroying our country. We invite men to radically reimagine their relationship to power. Give us the stories that our society needs now.

  • 94% of women in Hollywood have been sexually harassed. Stop glorifying social and sexual dominance in TV and film.

  • Opportunity hoarding is going out of style. It hurts us as artists and hurts our industry. Let’s invite everyone to the table.

  • It’s clear that sexual abuse is an epidemic in this country, and we don’t think the amount of rape scenes written and directed by men is helping. You can just stop.

  • When women, people of color and queer people create our own stories, we lay the groundwork for political change.

  • Seeing ourselves as heroes in movies makes us feel like the lead characters in our own lives.

  • Black Panther and Wonder Woman have dispelled the myth that women and people of color are not valuable overseas.

  • Men have used patriarchy and white supremacy to create a reality that centers their own needs, normalizing our oppression. This must end.

  • The devastating Parkland shooting is becoming all too common a story. Our industry must create storylines that interrogate toxic masculinity and build a culture where we all belong.

5050by2020 ADVISORS

Alex Kondracke · Amelia Roper · America Ferrera · Andrea Sperling · Angela Robinson · Antonia Crane · Camila Concepción · Favianna Rodriguez · Gloria Calderon Kellett · Jennifer Levin · Jessica Yellin · Jet Wilkinson · Jill Soloway · Katherine Pope · Kella Birch · Lena Waithe · Lupita Nyong'o · Marlee Matlin · Megan Smith · Melina Matsoukas · Natalie Portman · Nicole da Silva · Puneet Kaur Ahira · Rashida Jones · Rosario Dawson · Shonda Rhimes · Talitha Watkins · Tanya Saracho · Zackary Drucker